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3D (three dimensional) original pictures

All of those pictures are originals and are made in a 3D (three dimensional) style, which is the authors know how. The pictures are made with a few layers of drawing and transparent paper and on each one the artist draw a certain part of a picture to make a photographic volume effect.


Evening on the Kizhi Island
Morning on the river Svir

Spirits of nature
Moscow. Saviours Cathedral

An early morning walk

Winter on the Kizhi Island
Early morning

The first snow in Kolomenskoye. Moscow

Morning on the lake
A morning fog

The first appointment
Souls of trees

St.Petersburg. The first kiss
On the river Svir

Mystical St.Petersburg
The first ray of Sun


A lonely monk
on the Valaam
St.Petersburg. The first kiss
Early morning. Monastery of St. Cyril of Belozersk (A4)   Winter view of the Kizhi Island (A5)
Yaroslavl. Church of St. Elijah the Prophet (A5)   Yaroslavl. Chapel of Alexander Nevsky (A5)
Winter in a Russian village (A5)   Winter view of Sergiev Posad (A5)
Inclement Russian Winter (A4)   St.Petersburg. Panorama of the Vasilievsky Island (A5)
Meeting Spring on the Kizhi   Early morning on the Lake Ladoga
Russian village   St.Isaaks Square
Iron lace of St.Petersburg   Moscow. On the way to the New Virgin Monastery
Venice of the North (A5)   St.Petersburg. St.Nicholas Cathedral (A5)
Petersburg. Smolny Convent (A5)   Silent Karelian nights (A5)
Peter I fleet of St.Petersburg (A4)   Puchtizky convent (A5)
Moscow evenings (A5)   Fishmen (A5)
New day Meeting (4)   The last haystack (4)
Russian villages   Morning fogs
Northern beauty of the Valaam Island   Rendezvous
Chinese nature   A winter frosty morning (A4)


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