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Original paintings and prints of Elenas artworks:
- Graphic style (size in a mat 20×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm)
- Graphic + pastel (size in a mat 20×30 cm, 30×40 cm, 40×50 cm)
- 3D style (size in a mat 20×30 cm, 30×40 cm)

Icons embroidered in beads


Litomandalas (“litos” — stone, “mandala” — circle with a centre)
— handmade talismans and amulets with semiprecious stones and beads.


Author’s books

  • «Do you know that about Russia»
    (a mini encyclopedia about Russia)
  • «Legendary Waterways»
    (about the river cruise from St.Petersburg to Moscow)
    “I found this book exceptionally interesting. It sheds very illuminating light on the Russian scene, both historical and contemporary. This illustrations add a valuable extra dimension to the text.”
    Paul Sjoblom
    Chairman, The Western Press and Cultural Club
    Helsinki. Finland

About Litomandalas — Litotalismans and Litoamulets

What is a Talisman?

    A talisman is an object, that has a specific ability to aid a person in focusing and amplifying his or her power. The power of a talisman is its ability to aid you in achieving the future you desire.
  • It serves to control your feelings, to lead you to the right thoughts.
  • It serves to focus your thoughts to lead you to perform the actions you need to take.
  • It focuses your actions, creating important new habits.
  • It is through these new habits that your desired destiny is achieved.
  • It brings you the ability to join with the power and energy of the Universal Life Force. This power and energy serve to multiply your own individual efforts. A talisman is, in a way, similar to a flashlight.

What Is an Amulet?

An amulet is a special talisman that is used for defense and protection. Certain crystals and minerals form in crystal structures that focus their power to defend and protect you. Amulets with crystals and minerals are usually worn or carried for protection. Only certain crystals and minerals are effective for amulets.


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